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:mentalKLINIK - Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir
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 :mentalKLINIK - Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir

:mentalKLINIK:mentalKLINIK the highly acclaimed, contemporary Turkish artist duo, Yasemin Baydar(1972) and Birol Demir(1967) .


Yasemin Baydar is a graduate of MSU Faculty of Fine Arts. Together with the Kültür Group, she organized the “A Gender Project from Istanbul” exhibition in Zurich in 1996 and with it the book entitled, Kültür . After graduating from the Mimar Sinan University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 1990, Birol Demir continued his MA studies at the same faculty, and in 1990, he started working at the Avanos Municipality Artists' District and Ceramics Museum. He has held numerous solo and collective exhibitions since 1990.

:mentalKLINIK was founded in 1988 , and soon after, in 2000, their own space was established in İstanbul to present their artistic and theoretical approach. :mentalKLINIK regularly runs exhibitions and exhibition models as representative of their “individual methodology”.

:mentalKLINIK’s work focuses on modern habits of consumption and production, transforming anything from our present time into material for their artworks .:mentalKLINIK points out to contemporary reality by means of sound, action, object, text and form. The artists duo forces the limits of interdisciplinary working and questions the patterns and the modes of relation underlying these patterns. The artists dislocate the materials already detached from everyday life and create a new aesthetic form that is awkward, alien and uncanny within the exhibition space.


Collaboration with illy

List of Collections:


Major Installations and Exhibits

FROZEN45” - Tomorrow Now - When design meets science fiction

Frozen45” was presented in MUDAM Musee d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean Luxembourg 25 May -24 September 2007 .

Frozen45˝ is tomorrow’s treatment envisioned by :mentalKLİNİK for freezing the time of the skin. Both skin and time are problems of lines. Skin has its own time. :mentalKLİNİK recommends you to ‘freeze’ the time today before your skin gets traces of tomorrow. :mentalKLİNİK has developed a special treatment , which allows you to take with you your face of today into the anticipated future. Developed particularly for this facial treatment, the-state-of-the-art time-freezing product contains extracts of the ‘frozen’ time manufactured biotechnologically for your skin. When applied onto your skin, this time-preventive and refreshing treatment activates the sense of time within the pore of your skin.frozen45
Frozen45” by :mentalKLİNİK forecasts how people will shape their own bodies, becoming both the ultimate consumer and the item consumed in the coming age of “Biot”s - entities which are both object and person, both the shaper and the thing shaped. The cosmetics industry already uses the methods and the language of a “Biot” technosociety. Frozen45” is an envisioned treatment of tomorrow freezing the time of the skin. Invisible in its application, it attains its visibility in the absorption process by the “Biot” transformation. The visitors getting the in-museum Frozen45” treatment, allow their bodies to participate in the economy of the museum. Their faces become invisible sculptures in the museum forever, also forecasting how when the boundary between objects and humans disappear, museums might exhibit “Biot”s. 


PuFF was presented in 2009 , Art Unlimited GALERIST , ISTANBUL
While glitters are being repetitively ejaculated, the autonomous cleaners repetitively vacuum the residue of their ephemeral aura. When these two idiocentric conditions apathetically repeat their occupations in the “atmosphere” of their constructed space, they create the illusion of a frozen time – a timeless repetition – desperately seeking to become a monument which is doomed to decay as soon as its orbit is displaced from its artificial atmosphere. exhibition
PuFF does not interact with its audience yet it achieves completion only if the audience flirts with the sway of its insignificance into significance, of its uncertainty into certainty. Following the stance taken by :mentalKLINIK in its previous works, PuFF attempts to create an unidentified space, an indecisive zone and frozen time establishing various relations with materials and actions which construct an immaterial world.


RABBITHOLE was presented the same year as PuFF.
Movements of the things are creating new forms in the limit of the world we know, in the ignored part of the designed, out of the way. Nowhere is open to corridor and everywhere is a gate. Jam out of this conflict determines the atmosphere of the space.rabbithole
These illusionary images have meant different things, directly or indirectly, in where they belong to.


The latest exhibition with provocative name “THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME” was also installed in Istanbul. A pop up project curated by Jérôme Sans to live the experience of the :mentalKLINIK at Haskoy Yarn Factory. 

This exhibition presents for the first time the culmination of 10 years of activity, and is an introspective rather than a retrospective. Like a disco ball, this project shows a selection of their multifaceted approach on their universe.

Later Life

In Nov. 30, 2011, during the 10th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts announced :mentalKLINIK, as the newest members of the LM100 family. Selected by Jérôme Sans, Le Méridien’s Cultural Curator since 2006, LM100 is a group of international innovators of mixed generations and interdisciplinary artistic fields chosen from the worlds of art, architecture and cuisine, who use their creativity to develop original and interactive programs for Le Méridien that transform the guest experience. Current LM100 members include Le Méridien’s Cultural Curator, Jérôme Sans; world renowned artists, Sam Samore, Joan Fontcuberta, An Xiaotong, Younès Rahmoun, Youssef Nabiland Michael Lin; wine expert Linda Grabe; award-winning photographer Ralph Gibson; coffee expert Andrea illy; master barista Fritz Storm; French-born, internationally renown three-star Michelin Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten; French-born Grammy award winner and composer Henri Scars Struck; Le Labofounders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi; up-and-coming filmmaker Kiki Allgeier; and renowned furniture designer Nick Dine.

As members of the LM100 family, :mentalKLINIK has been engaged by Le Méridien on a variety of creative initiatives, including designing new keycards for Le Méridien UNLOCK Art programme and constructing a custom installation upon arrival at Le Méridien Istanbul, opening in early 2012.

“I am very excited about the development of the LM100 group over the past five years,” said Eva Ziegler, Global Brand Leader, Le Méridien and W Hotels Worldwide. “Le Méridien, under the guidance of Jérôme Sans, has engaged a variety of creative spirits from not only different disciplines but also cultural capitals worldwide, such as Istanbul. We are very proud to introduce :mentalKLINIK as our newest LM100 members in anticipation of the opening of Le Méridien Istanbul.”

:mentalklinik designed keycard for Le Méridien: simple, yet stunning design with the intention to stir thoughts and provide a new perspective in the beholder through the combination of color, oxymoron, and intense language such as “Viciously Vivacious” or “Obnoxiously Happy.” :mentalKLINK’s artwork will provide the illustration for Le Méridien’s UNLOCK ART programme, which introduces hotel keycards as pieces of limited edition artwork while also unlocking a local contemporary cultural art center by offering complimentary entry. Current Le Méridien UNLOCK ART partners include Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris, The Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis and The Tate Galleries in London and many more around the world. LM100 members Michael Lin, Sam Samore, Yan Lei and Hisham Bharoocha have also designed a keycard series in the past few years.

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