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Why Did You Become An illy Art Collection Collector ?

I believe everyone of us has their own answer , but we share the same uncontrollable passion …

This site is dedicated to Illy Art Collectors community . I hope together , we’ll provide the most comprehensive view of the collection . Enjoy !

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Introducing illy Art Collection

How did this obsession start? I believe everyone of us has their own answer. Daniel Buren Illy Art Collection 2002


For me it started back to 2004 , when I decided to sign off on a coffee delivery program of illy . It came with a pretty good discount on Francis! Francis! x5 espresso machine. I also got as a present - 6 illy collection cup of Daniel Buren . I remember that I was surprised by the perfect design of the cup , and the feelling that I’m holding a  piece of art in my hands. Later I found out that these cups were only a small portion of a huge illy art collection. Long story short, my obsession is started .

Very shortly, I was stunned by how small is known about these cups despite huge interest and growing population of collectors . Specifically in US, when interest to espresso coffee just started to grow.To find some information regarding the illy cups was similar for search of treasure.

7 years later , and more than 200 cups in my own collection , I decided to create this site to provide as much as possible information about collection and also to provide reference for collectors on prices , on how to find cups , history of the cups and every other possible aspect of this beautiful collection.

I consider myself a beginner and would be glad to get any help from any knowledgeable source. I believe together we will built a great site that all of us will be proud and glad to use.


Daniel Buren Espresso Cups available in illy USA Store


Daniel Buren latest illy Art Collection "Monumenta" is now exclusively available at illy USA Store at 7/9/2012. 2012 daniel buren monumenta illy cups in a boxYou're invited to purchase this collection in the next 48 hours before they are made available to the general public.        Limited quantities, while supplies last.

Unfortunately, price really disappoints - $225. The total price with Tax + Ground shipping is reaching $268, making it most expensive original price item.
The price is higher than in illy Europe sites and other internet Europe stores. You can buy “Monumenta” at for $170 - $220 (including international shipping). Oh well, illy , you can do better than this. :-(



Introducing illy Art Collection Marketplace


Looking for someone who will buy your illy Art collection? Looking for some rare item , but can’t find it anywhere ?  We are proud to announce opening 1st market place for illy Art Collection in US! Here you can buy, sell or trade your treasures without excessive EBay fees and pay real price + shipping charges  J


  • Do you want sell something from your collection - please contact us and your request will be posted! )
  • Do you want trade something from your collection - please contact us and your request will be posted!
  • Do you want to buy something new for your collection – browse offers or contact us and your request will be posted!



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